Hitting the ball with your entire body

After a few days away from the game (10 actually) I went to the driving range today.  Amazingly the swing thought of throwing the club down the range was still firmly ingrained and I was hitting some really good shots.  I began to play around with a new swing thought to see what would happen.

1. The no shoulders swing.

As I’ve been documenting a battle with an OTT move I realized that the first thing that usually happens with an OTT move is that the shoulders turn before the hips do, sending the club over the top.  So this thought went like this: don’t rotate the shoulders on the downswing.  Now obviously you can’t not turn and still hit the golf ball.  This thought does really force the hips and lower body to turn first.  I had one swing with this thought that felt like the perfect swing.  It was with the driver, the club I fight OTT with the most.

I hit one drive with this no shoulder swing, and the swing felt slow.  At impact it felt like I hit the ball with my entire body, and even though the swing felt slow, the contact was completely solid.  The ball sailed over the back fence at 240 yds.  It seemed that it hit the apex just above the fence, and I have no idea how much further it carried but it was the best drive I had hit in some time.  It was dead straight and it had an awesome trajectory.  In Five lessons, Ben Hogan talks about hitting the ball with your entire body.  I don’t think I had ever truly experienced that until this swing.  It was pretty amazing and something I want to feel on every shot.

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