A friend on Golf Channel’s “The Golf Fix”

One of my friends, Tim Richman sent his swing to the Golf Fix and it actually aired.  You can see the swing below:

He wrote the following message to Michael Breed:


Here’s a video of my golf swing in slow-motion. I am very consistent with my driver…and I hit a nice draw – but my iron shots are mediocre at times. My consistent flaw is that I either pull or top my irons. PLEASE HELP!

Thanks, love the show,

Tim from Irvington, NY

During the show, Michale viewed the video from the top of the back swing and said that the shaft was too steep on the way down.  He suggested that Tim hit balls off a tee with the driver taking slow, half-swings, to get the feeling of a shallower plane.

I think Michael Breed was right on.  It is important to get on a shallower plane.  Most amateurs (myself included come into the ball way too steep).  If you watch the pros, many of them have a steep back backswing and transition into a flat downswing.  Below is the swing of Rickie Fowler.  What you’ll notice is how flat both his backswing and his downswing are.  Now, this is an extreme example.  I have never seen anyone with a swing this flat.  But it works for Rickie and allows him to really power through the ball.

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