Achieving a flat left wrist at impact

So in my practice session today I decided to work on flattening my wrist at impact.  I realized that when one has the the tendency to come over the top, that a flip of the wrist is probably happening as well.

A flip of the wrist is bad because it adds loft at impact and slows down the club head.  If you have a tendency to lose the ball high and to the right, there is a good chance you are flipping at impact.

So I took the first 20 balls of the bucket, and a short swing, and worked on keeping the wrist flat at impact with the club head slightly lagging behind.  The swing thought was something like “don’t let the clubhead pass the hands”.  It actually felt very different then my normal swing.  It felt more solid, and like there was less extra motion.  It felt more compact.  However these short swings (probably half swings) were carrying as far as a full swing with a better trajectory.  The trajcetory was flatter.   I don’t consider myself a short hitter.  I’m normally pretty happy if I’m carrying my pitching wedge around 125 – 130 yards.

With the flat left wrist at impact I was carrying the pitching wedge between 145 and 150 yds into a slight breeze, and I was still using what felt like a pretty short swing.  I started to see the same kind of distance increases and flattening of the trajectory with the other clubs.  It was more difficult to do consistently with the driver.  I think part of the reason has to do with the driver being so much longer than the other other clubs.

There is still a lot of work left to do to get this consistently into the swing.  I think it might take a couple of months of practice to ingrain this feeling, but the results should well be worth it.  Not every shot was perfect.  Because it is a new swing technique for me I had my share of bad swings with it.  I also have not yet figured out how to hit like this accurately but I think it will come with practice, and trusting it.  The trust in it will take some time as well.  I hit some 4-woods with it that were just awesome.  They felt different and took off like rockets.  Some I’m sure the driver will come around at some point.  Still gaining 20 yds per club and a better trajectory is good enough for me to keep me practicing like this.

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