Mechanical thoughts led to a difficult round

So today I had a bit of a disappointing round after my recent scores in the 70s.  I shot an 82 that felt like a 92.  I managed to score ok, but it felt like a lot of work,  I really had to grind on a lot of holes and I didn’t feel like I knew where the ball was going.  My driving which had been really good recently suddenly left me, and my iron play was mediocre.

I think I put too much pressure on myself after my recent good scores.

Instead of being in the moment for each shot I kept looking back on mistakes or trying to figure out how bad this round was going to be.  Once my shots started to go astray, my thoughts turned very mechanical. Somehow I was able to save the round, as it could have been worse but it was definitely frustrating.

I haven’t hit the driving range in a while so maybe that has something to do with it.  I’ll get back on the simulator and see what’s going on with my swing path and face angle.

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