Building Club Head Speed

badsimpactThere are a lot of articles and posts about building club head speed.  But I think there are two ways, a wrong way and a right way.

The Wrong Way

The wrong way to build club speed is with a lot of effort.  This leads to over the top moves, loss of control, reduced smash factor and lots of swing faults.

But when we do it the wrong way, we do it because it feels like it’s fast.  Have you ever been in a cheap, compact car, doing 45 on a rough road?  That 45 can feel like 80 really quick.

Have you ever been in a sportscar, or luxury car cruising at 80 on a smooth straight road but it feels like you’re going 45?

The feel of speed is subjective.  The compact car on the bumpy road feels faster, but it isn’t.  There is a lot of effort and moving parts, but it’s not going all that fast.  The sports car on the smooth road is really traveling much faster but it doesn’t feel that way.  It just feels nice and easy.  That is the way club speed should feel.

The Right Way

The right way involves solid fundamentals to generate coil, lag, and the crack of the whip through the impact position.  My best strikes always feel effortless.  My poor strikes always feel like I’m working too hard for it.  For me, the biggest keys to a fast club head seem to be:

  1. A soft grip on the club
  2. Proper spine tilt
  3. Maintaining my balance
  4. Not trying to kill it

When I do these things I generate power that surprises me.  When I don’t do them, then I’m working too hard.  When you look at the impact position above, note how the hands are past the club head at impact.  This is not that easy to do for your average golfer.  But this is critical to generating club head speed.

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