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The Swing Jacket guides you through a perfect golf swing

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend I got the opportunity to attend a golf show in the Albany area.

All of the local pros brought merchandise to sell at moderate to deep discounts and I made some good purchases.

At the last exhibitor, hidden in a corner of their display I spotted a gem.  It was a new, in box, SwingJacket.  Several years ago I had looked into them and really wanted one after seeing the infomercial and reading reviews.

But it was only available for about $120 and they were sold out of them.  So the idea got put on the backburner.

Fast forward to the golf show and I end up picking up the brand new SwingJacket for $20.  Wow!

The SwingJacket comes with a training DVD and a slim manual.  I quickly read through the manual and was too impatient to watch the video.  I slipped it on and went outside to hit some birdieballs (see my review).

Within the first few swings I knew I had made a wise purchase.  The SwingJacket, according to the manufacturer:

The Swing Jacket is the most effective golf training aid ever developed

because it is the only product that physically guides you through all the key swing positions of the perfect, one plane golf swing.  With the Swing Jacket you feel a perfect golf swing while you hit the ball long and straight with any club in your golf bag.  With every other method of game improvement you have to consciously change your swing mechanics.  The Swing Jacket does all the thinking for you as it effortlessly guides you through each swing – perfectly.  You’re now able to focus on the feel of your powerful, accurate new swing instead of a library of confusing and often contradictory swing thoughts.  When every shot you hit is consistently long and straight your body locks that swing into your muscle memory – instantly.

Immediately I felt it putting me in the right positions.  Within a few swings I was hitting the birdieballs longer and straighter.  I was really glad that I bought it.

I took out my video camera (the one that can record up to 240 frames per second) and recorded some swings without the swing jacket and with the swing jacket.

In slow motion I could really see what the jacket was doing.  For me, I believe the one-plane swing is the right one, and the swingjacket really kept me in a perfect swing plane.  It also prevents you from overswinging.  A typical swing fault of amateurs.  The result is a tighter, more efficient and accurate swing that results in hitting the ball, as long, or in my case, quite a bit longer than before.  Although I did not buy it at the retail price I can see how it is worth that much.  I plan on using it all winter to deeply ingrain into my muscle memory the perfect swing plane.

The website currently lists the swing at $119.95.

2 thoughts on “Review: SwingJacket”

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful review. It’s always gratifying when people actually enjoy the experience our marketing material promises.
    I want you to know that our current offering includes 2 DVD’s (A Swing For Life and The Accelerator) plus TourStop technology. If you did not get both DVD’s and the TourStops in the package you purchased please drop me a note and we’ll hook you up with the missing pieces.
    Thanks again
    Bill Walsh

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