8 Keys to Effortless Power – free ebook

As promised, here is our latest e-book

“8 Keys to Effortless Power: Hit it further and straighter with less effort”

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This book covers some of the best techniques I’ve learned to generate consistent, effortless power.  It will improve your distance, shotmaking, and consistency.

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Here’s an excerpt from the introduction in the book:

There’s nothing like bombing a drive 300 yards plus down the fairway. It’s even better when it feels so easy.

How can tour pros hit the ball so far with simple smooth swings. Look at Ernie Els or Fred Couples, their buttery smooth swings smash the ball deep down the fairway. What are the keys they and virtually all great golfer use to generate such effortless power? You’ll find out in this e-book.

It’s not hard to increase your power and to do it with less effort. That is the purpose of this e-book; to give you the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. What you’ll find is that it is not about brute strength or pure athleticism, although there is no denying that those things are helpful in any athletic endeavor.

In order to harness the power that your body can create you need to believe that less is more. You can do less and get better results. Maybe your goal is to add 20, 30 or 40 yards to your drives, or to hit that par 5 in two, or to reach that long par 3, you can do it by applying the keys this book will give you.

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