Amazing driving range session – Swing Update

Today I had an amazing driving range session.  Let me set the stage.  It’s 39 degrees here in CT and a bit windy.  I wanted to see how my ball striking had become based on the practice I’ve been doing from my book, “8 Keys to Effortless Distance”.

I started out hitting it well, but right.  I realized I wasn’t allowing the finish to happen, I was kind of tightening up through impact.  So I did some half swings focusing only letting the finish happen.  When I felt that I had it, I started hitting balls again.

What a difference that made.  I hit my seven iron and I couldn’t even see it land.  It was landing on the downslope behind and to the right of 173 yd practice green.  I thought this can’t be right…

So I took out my 8 iron thinking I could land it short of the green and at least see the landing spot.

I to hit solid baby draws to the middle of the 173 pin and beyond.  Some shots were landing at the back of that green, some just over it.  8 Iron.  Wow.  The contact was so solid.  And the ball flight was beautiful.  These high baby draws that carried forever and landed softly.

My 9 iron was going about 165 and my pw 150. With the driver I hit some line drives to the fence at 250 that hit about halfway up the fence.

The amazing thing about it was that even with these distances, my accuracy was dead on. The ball pierced through the wind. It was amazing.

I wish I had my camera on the range, but I didn’t bring it with me.  However when I got home, I decided to record these swings.  So here they are, you can see how my swing looks now based on the thoughts from my ebook. If you want to see how my swing looked a couple of months ago take a look at this link.

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