The Magic Golf Swing of Ben Hogan

I love this video.  Ben Hogan’s swing is so classic and there is so much to learn from it.  Even on his short swings watch how he generates lag and delivers the club to the ball.  Just beautiful.   Hogan’s swing is the best example of what I talk about in my book.  He is efficient and was known for amazing accuracy and shot making.

He never looks like he swings hard but he always hits it solid.  Very inspirational.

1 thought on “The Magic Golf Swing of Ben Hogan”

  1. One thing many golfers overlook in their game is their fitness level. I bet the majority of them spend atleast 90% of their training time on swing, when just by doing a few stretches you can increase your drives 10-30 yards. Think of it this way, if a golfer has a greater range of motion and less resistance throughout his or her swing, then this gives the golfer the chance to generate more force. And more force equals longer drives without swinging harder.

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