Review: EEZ-Read Putting Aid

I’ve been using the EEZ-Read putting aid since this summer and I have found that used properly it can be an important aid to help with putting.

The EEZ-Read is according to the manufacturer:

Place the EEZ-READ precision level on the green, and it shows you exactly how your putt will break. Renowned golf instructor Butch Harmon calls it “one of the smartest putting aids I’ve ever seen. It’s simple to use and perfect on those putts where its tough to read the break, particularly those under twenty feet. This practice aid will definitely shave strokes off your game and build your putting confidence.”  Solid stainless steel watchmaker’s base. Easily fits in your pocket. Named “Best New Product” 2008 PGA Merchandise Show.

Essentially it is a level that allows you to see the direction of the break and the severity of the break.  In order to use it effectively you need to spend some time with it and understand how the severity of the break on the EEZ-Reader translates to break on actual putts based on distance from the hole and speed.

One of the first things I noticed when I began practicing with it is how much I was over reading break on putts.  What to me looked like a big break turned out to be a smaller amount of break than I anticipated.

The was pretty valuable right there.  By making that adjustment I was quickly holing more putts.  Although I still have a tendency to over read the break I can catch myself.

One of the best ways I think to use it is to pick out a putt and try to imagine what reading the EEZ-Read is going to give me.  Once I figure that out, I actually put the device on the green and check.  How did I do?  Did I read it correctly?  If not how much am I off by?  And how I can see that break better?

The last one is important because that allows you to start to train yourself to see the breaks better.  When you look at a misread and you figure out why you misread it, it becomes easier to get right the next time.  I typically take two reads when I’m practicing.  The first read is from about halfway between my ball and the cup and the other read is about 6 inches away from the cup in the direction of my ball.  I will take more reads if the putt is on a ridge or crosses the ridge.

The EEZ-Read will not tell you anything about grain.  So if you putt in Florida on Bermuda grass you still need to understand how the grain will affect your putt, but this device has no way of telling you that.  The smoother the green, the better the device will work.  If the green is too bumpy, the readings can be thrown off by bumps on the green.  Lastly you can’t use the device in tournament play, or when posting an official round as that is against the rules of golf.  However for practice rounds or practice sessions I find it a very useful device to use.  It is inexpensive, small and effective.  I highly recommend using it to get a better understanding of how to read greens.

EEZ-Read Website

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  1. @cam: I realize it’s not the sexist piece of equipment but it is something I use. It really has helped me to read the greens better. It has also helped to see some subtle breaks. I originally bought it when I had 15 bucks left on a gift card and wasn’t sure what to get, so I added it to the order on a whim and was surprised by the results of using it. I appreciate your opinion though.

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