Spotlight Swing: Rickie Fowler

Take a look at what Rickie Fowler does.  His plane is astonishing. Click here to see Rickie Fowler’s swing video.

Rickie at address:


Halfway through backswing


Top of Backswing

Fowler3Transition to downswing

Fowler4Halfway down




Rickie Fowler starts with a pretty flat backswing, but comes into impact even flatter.  The difference between the backswing is just amazing especially when you consider that most amateurs come into the ball even steeper than they started.  I’m not sure how he is able to accomplish this, and although I don’t recommend mimicking the positions I think there is a lot that can be learned from them.

7 thoughts on “Spotlight Swing: Rickie Fowler”

  1. He goes back on his TSP(Turned Shoulder Plane) and comes back on his right forearm plane. Absolutely perfect. I suggest you study golf and the golf swing before you try to do any further analysis

  2. @Cam: I don’t disagree that Rickie has great positions. In fact I think there is a lot that the average golfer can learn from his swing. I wasn’t doing a deep analysis, I was looking to see where and how his club head moved throughout the swing and I found it fascinating. Thank you for your comment.

  3. As a former golf professional, teacher and student, Rickie is definately on plane, remember he is like 5’7″ /5’8″.

    Rickie is very much emulating the Hogan move, low and around, large muscle, quick transition, copied by another great yougnster, Anthony Kim, any questions……

  4. @Todd: I think there are a lot of good things to learn from Rickie’s swing. He does have a quick transition, but his swing is powered by the large muscles. He played very well at Torrey Pines.

  5. you guys all talk bull… Cam what are you talking about this is not “Absolutely perfect” you are talking crap… you would not teach this swing to anyone… in saying that im not talking bad about this guy i think he is one of the most talented players of all time! and one of my favourite golfers but im saying to call this swing perfect… you are dumb. you would never teach this move to a beginner golfer.
    your welcome.

  6. J-LAG learn some manners, you clearly are a two plane swinger. Nothing wrong with 2 plane swing it does create lots of clubhead speed and shaping the ball left to right is a little easier. Unfortunately that’s where the advantages end. The 2 plane swing (arms steeper than shoulder plane at top of backswing) relies more on timing. The arms are not as connected to the body, it’s not as consistent, especially under pressure. Using the big muscles more is the secret, when your swing is under pressure you’ll play better golf. Hogan built a repeatable swing, based on a sound grip and setup, from there he could swing on plane and what ever tempo he wanted. He understood the kinetics and physics related to body form.
    Ricky Fowler has one of the most repeatable swings ever seen. Perhaps not to the eye but to feel this swing and groove it is quite easy as it has fewer moving parts. Zach Johnson swings shorter than Ricky but the two swings would feel similar.

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