How to have a more consistent golf swing: Stay Synchronized


Keeping the arms and core in sync

One of the most important factors in executing a successful golf swing is ensuring that the arms and the core remain synchronized. What does that mean?

It means that the top of the backswing happens when the shoulders stop turning and the arms stop moving at the fraction later. Watch Steve Stricker, the number threee golfer in the world and you’ll see his arms stop moving when his shoulder turn stops.

This action, allows everything to come down and through together. This improves consistency, and influences accuracy and how solid you can strike the ball. Moving everything together really allows a golfer to have a consistent motion.

What happens when the arms and the core get out sync?

When the arms keep moving at the top of the swing after the shoulders have stopped turning then they are out of sync with the body. In order to get them back into sync, they need to start down first, and then at the right moment, the core needs to start turning. This is a formula for disaster because a good golfer initiates the swing by turning the hips, not by moving the arms.

This is also extremely difficult to time properly. Starting the swing this way makes the player highly dependent on timing. When you’re timing is on you can hit the ball well, but when your timing is off you won’t hit it well. You’ll wonder where your swing went.

Why do golfers get out of sync?

So why do golfers let the arms run off? They do this because they are trying to get more distance and swing speed. The think that if they increase the length of their swing, they can get the club head moving faster. This is only partly true.

Although they can potentially get some speed gain, the gain is offset by the loss of accuracy, and the lowered likelihood of hitting the sweet spot. So in fact, you are getting a net loss of distance and accuracy. It doesn’t sound like a good trade to me.

If you can stay in sync you can actually generate more club head speed and hit the sweet spot more often because you’re whole body is working in harmony in the swing. You can, in essence, hit the ball with your entire body. You’ll hit it more solidly, and you’ll be more consistent.

Think of a clock

Think of the inside of a mechanical clock. Certain gears move really fast, others move very slowly. But none of the parts move faster than they need to. The clock would break if some parts were forced to move faster. The same really is true for the golf swing. Keep everything together and moving only as fast as it needs to and you’ll be a much more consistent player.

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