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Update: A new DVD is available with the Taly Mindset.  Read more about that here.

The Taly Mind (Taly) set surprised me.  When I first opened the package and pulled out the training aid, the pamphlet, advertising post card, and a whiffle ball I was excited to start using it.  However when I read the instructions I found them a bit wordy and overly technical.  I think the average golfer would greatly served with a clearer guide or even a DVD to help them get started using the device.

Taly Williams, the inventor is an engineer and it shows in that document.   I was a bit confused about what it was designed for because there is so much information packed into one page.  So I went to talk to a PGA pro about this device and the way he described it made all the pieces fall into place.

The most obvious use of the device is in helping a golfer to stop flipping the club at or before impact.  This common fault causes golfers to hit weak shots to the right.  When a golfer executes this distance robbing move, what they are actually doing is adding loft to the club, and opening the face.  The end is result is weak hit that flies higher than it should, and slices right.

Zen Chili Rating for The Taly Mind Set

4 Zens out of 5

• Helps instill solid movements and perform them when the device is not being word
• Activates the mind’s eye to lead the body
• Useful in preparation for tournament use as a point of focus, to reduce pressure, and to help a golfer get into the zone.
• Documentation too technical, should come with a DVD

5 Chilis out of 5

• Well constructed, should last for years
• USGA approved to be carried on the bag during tournament play, but can’t be used during such play
• Comes in 3 colors, red, black and white
• Does not constrain the golf swing
• Useful for full swing, sand game, chipping and putting

To learn more about the rating system click here.

How does the Taly Mind Set help?

By slightly extending the red ball the golfer can immediately see a flip occur because the shaft of the golf club will cross the shaft of the Taly.  The bright red ball serves as a very visible reference point.  The more the golfer can prevent the two shafts from crossing, the better the impact position will be.  Once I understood that this was one of the main goals of the Taly, the value of the device became clear.

For the average golfer who flips the club, it is worth getting the Taly to fix this dreaded flaw.  However as I have used the Taly more and more new applications came into focus for me.

One of the interesting things about using the device is that the little red ball really does become ingrained in your mental imagery of the swing.  When you are not wearing the Taly, you can still clearly imagine where the red ball would be.

I use the device to help generate lag and keep my downswing slightly underplane.  Imagine Sergio Garcia’s swing from a down the line view, as if you are standing directly behind him, watching him hit a ball at a target that is in front of you, a few hundred yards away.  The great thing about this device is that no matter what move you are trying to ingrain, if you start to see how the red ball moves, it becomes a move you can duplicate very quickly, as if it has become etched into your mind’s eye.

For me, it’s working on my version of Sergio Garica type lag.  As Sergio takes the club back he reaches the top of his swing.  He then executes his famous move where the club lays off just a bit, and he allows the lag to happen.  This move is the polar opposite of what most amateur golfers do.  Most amateur golfers, especially those who have problems slicing the ball, typically come down over the top, cut across the ball with a flipped club head and wonder why they can’t hit a straight shot or a draw.

This is a move that I’ve been working on for months.  Within minutes using the Taly, it had become a part of my swing, rather than something I was just working on. Watching the Talynt point  (the little red ball) quickly grooved the move.  I took the Taly off and to my amazement I was able to clearly see the little red ball in my mind’s eye and swing after swing, repeat it perfectly.

I used video to record the swings both with the Taly and without it and I was really impressed by how the Taly Mind Set helped me to visualize and execute this move.

No physical restrictions:


The Taly helps to accomplish all of this without restricting the player’s movements.  The most restrictive device I have reviewed is the Swing Jacket which obviously restricts the player into making correct moves.  The Taly is different though.  By visualizing the Talynt point it is possible to reproduce those moves that you have been working on.  This is the first training aid I have used that so clearly has an impact when it’s not being worn, because your memory and mind’s eye can easily recall those movements.

I have also found it useful for chipping and putting.  During my putting practice it helped me achieve a really solid feeling putting stroke.  I’m very excited about continued use of the Taly and plan to integrate into my regular practices.

For more go to: Taly Website

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4 thoughts on “Review: Taly Mind Set”

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  2. Hello!
    I’m 62 years old and I’ve been playing golf for over 40 years. I took many golf lessons but nothing comes close to the Taly Mind Set in terms of improving a golf swing. This very simple and easy to use gadget does it all. I was simply amazed on how it eases my swing. I don’t have to think anymore about all the comonents of my swing (backswing, dowmswing, lag, ball contact or follow through) because the Taly Mind Set makes everything fall into place resulting in precise, long and high ball trajectories.

    Taly, I will never have enough recognition for the quantum leap you brought to my game.

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