2 thoughts on “Club Head Lag: Explained by David Feherty”

  1. I was a competitive fly fisherman, I was great at casting the reel. Now that I’m obsessed with golf I’ve taken to casting the club. Any suggestions?

  2. @Cam: Take a look at the post called “Stop casting:Keep the Upper body together”. I’m not much a fly fisherman, but in golf, casting the club will rob you of power and reduce your accuracy. You are probably letting the arms and hands out race the body. At the top, try to keep the upper body together for as long as possible. Have everything come down and through together. Stop if you feel your arms racing down and in front. Just keep trying to get the feeling of everything moving together. If you practice that you will start to feel the club head lagging behind you. This is good. It will probably to some getting used to, but this will really allow the club head to whip through the hitting area with less effort.

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