Pulling with the left side to eliminate the weak slice

In the same way that someone is right handed or left handed, a golf swing can be dominated by either side.  Most amateur swings are right side/arm dominated.  You can see this in the over the top moves and the flipping action of the club face.  This is typically considered pushing and results in a weak slice.

Conversely a golf swing can be more left side/arm dominated.  This is typically called pulling and results in more consistent ball striking, and improved golf ball launch conditions.

Both ways can be effective provided the player plays to their tendencies or has practiced enough to know what the swing is going to do. However, I think left side/arm dominated can be more consistent based on the work I have done with my swing, and from what I see from the average golfer.

I’ll refer to left side dominated swings as pulling, and right side dominated swings as pushing.

A swing with the left side of the body pulling can be more consistent for a number of reasons.

  1. Flipping is less likely.  The left arm/hand alone is not strong enough to overcome the huge forces created in the golf swing in order to flip the club.  If you try to flip the club with the left hand only, it is very awkward and unnatural.
  2. A swing with the left side pulling will more easily clear the hips allowing the club head to more consistently come into the ball square.
  3. Pulling low and left creates an impact condition with the shaft leaning forward and allows a golfer to compress the ball more easily because the long lever of the left arm and golf club remains stable.
  4. This type of swing leads to a more consistent and fuller release, thus adding distance while maintain accuracy.

If you have a pushing type of swing, where the right side of the body dominates, the 4 points above will be more difficult to achieve consistently because the right hand has to make those things happen and the body is fighting with itself.

If you are unfamiliar with the pulling sensation, do the left wrist supination drill for a while and try to feel which side is more dominant.  Once you can identify which side of your body is dominant, try to do the drill consciously forcing the left side to be dominant.  It’s not easy to do, but I think it is well worth doing.

1 thought on “Pulling with the left side to eliminate the weak slice”

  1. Newbie player here. Started about 6 months ago and Ive got a mentor who plays a good game who has been helping me out.
    He had me try the left side golf swing a while back and the accuracy improvement was immediate and astounding.

    I have been adding in a little right side but as soon as it gets to be a bit too much the accuracy is gone again.
    I was adding a little right side to get more distance since it dropped some when I started the left side swing, but recently Im finding that I can get good distance with the left side swing by using other things to get the speed up, including making sure to lead with the hip more.
    Doing so gets my clubface into the groove so its inside to out which helps stop any slices, plus it helps me snap thru the impact zone better to get more club head speed.
    I used a 7 iron today and dropped 7 balls onto the green of a 145 yard par 3, so it cant be all bad.

    Even my short game is MUCH better with a left side swing. Not sure why that is entirely, but theres no doubt about it.
    Not to mention that with the left side swing ALL of my divots end up about 1-2 inches AFTER the ball. When the right hand is too active I hit more fat shots than I can count in a round.

    Its not to say that I cant hit at all using my right side. Its just less consistent. When I get good shots they are fantastic. Dead straight and long as can be, but I just cant get any reliable consistency until I switch to the left side swing again.

    Great article.

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