Review: Dura Launcher Practice System

DL1Hitting golf ball at your local range can be a frustrating experience.  Most ranges do not have adjustable height tees, and the ones that do offer it, may have other issues with the tees.  Typically in order to switch from hitting driver to you have to manually remove the tee, go find a smaller one and install it.  The driver tee may be at a different height than you are used to, and the fairway tee may be too high as well.  In short, you can’t hit balls off the tee at the height that you do on the course.

The Dura Launcher Practice System addresses this problem.  It consists of 2 pieces, a rubber base and a special tee.   The rubber base is designed to go into any golf mat as it is a standard size.  I have tested it on the Country Club Elite Mat as well as the Birdie Turf Mat.  It provides an adjustable height tee.

Adjusting the height of the tee is as simple as pulling up on it, or pushing down on it.  What could be simpler?

In practice it works very well.  I was able to easily adjust the tee height.  I could tee the driver high, or tee it low.  I could even tee it up a little bit for iron shots too.  The neat thing is that the way it’s designed, the tee won’t fly out of the base.  It is a very well thought out system.  Your level of adjustability though, depends on the thickness of the mat.  The CCE mat is a thick mat and so it allows the tee height tee be good for an iron, up to about a medium driver.  On the thinner Birdie Turf Mat it doesn’t work so well for irons or fairway woods, but it does allow for a low driver tee, up to a very high driver tee.

DL2The only concern I have about this tee is the durability.   I have seen a range that uses them and the tees themselves got very beat up but I’m not sure that they are designed for commercial use.  A strike with driver or irons tends to push the tee and after a few strikes, you may need to adjust the base unit.  Not a big issue for individuals who bring it with them and practice, but I can see how this could become an issue on the driving range.  Overall though, I think it is a good product for the targeted user.  If your driving range mats has replaceable tees and you are unhappy with how they function, this is a good solution for you.

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