CONI – The key to long term improvement in golf

COnstant and Never ending Improvement.  This is a huge to key to becoming successful in golf and in anything.

Improving drives me.  If I’m hitting my chips to 6 feet, I want to hit them to 2 feet.  So I’ll set up a goal and work toward it.  As I see my chips get to 5 feet, then 4 feet, etc, it drives me to get even better.  It’s exciting, it gets me to the range, or to the putting green, and it makes the game so much more fun.

That’s not to say that every golfer should try to do this.  Weekend players, who tee it up a few times a year shouldn’t have this attitude.  They just won’t practice enough to get the benefits of it.  But for anyone serious about becoming a good golfer this attitude is a must.

If you improve just 1% each day, in a year you will have transformed your game because improvement, in my experience does not happen on a linear scale.  When you work at it everyday, it begins to happen in a way, similar to compounding interest.  Over a year, it really pays off.

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