30 Day Challenge – Day 2

Yesterday I accepted the challenge to go 30 days without looking at my swing on video, without trying any swing tips from the internet, magazines or golf channel. I spent some time on the phone with Eben Dennis and he prepared me for the first few days of the challenge.  We talked about simple principles of the role of the hands, and balance between the eyes, hands and feet.  We also discussed creativity and feeling the shot.

Today I had my first driving range session.  I must say at the begining of it, when my shots went astray I had a huge urge to video and see what happened.  But since I didn’t bring the camera, there was no way I could do that.

I kept my focus on the feeling and soon I started to feel some things.  I started to feel the club head more and intuitively knowing where it was.  It took much concentration to not manipulate it and just react to the shot I was trying to produce but it started coming together.  Overall I’d say I hit about1/3 of my shots from a feeling perspective, with the other 2 thirds reverting to my old swing.  However I was able to clearly feel when I reverted.

My biggest challenge was with the driver.  I started out with some bad drives.  And I knew I was back to my old habits.  The driver took the most focus but by the end of it I was hitting some very different looking shots.  I finished up with a few drives that were bombed, even though the temperature was only 27 degrees.  They had a flat trajectory and they just hung in the air forever, without any ballooning, and ran like crazy (though I’m sure part of that was the frozen ground).  Those last few drives also felt effortless and that is how I want all of my drives to feel.

The beauty of this session was that I began to feel the ball exploding off the club face without the urge to hit it.  It felt as if the golf ball was weightless, almost without mass, and the club head was just going about its business and the golf ball got in the way.  That is how my best shots of the day felt.

Overall, I’d say this was an eye opening session and I’m very excited about the days to come.

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3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 2”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. When I try to manipulate it always gets me in trouble, yet I occasionally continue to do it. Duh.

    I did sign up for the challenge. :-)

  2. @Cam: Hi Cam, I can understand your skepticism, I would encourage you to try it before you judge it. Let’s me say that I was very skeptical when the head pro at the golf course suggested it to me. I came to realize just how much I was relying on video and things like tips from magazines, internet and golf channel and in that I had become overly technical. Over the past 2 years I have read and studied as much as I can about the golf swing. The problem isn’t that I know this. The problem is that there’s a difference between knowing it and being able to do it, at will, under pressure.

    In a tournament or pressure situation, you just can’t be technical. You need to trust your swing and be able to execute. This challenge is about that. Getting you to feel not only your swing, but getting to a point where you can really trust it in any situation. You need to know your swing inside and out through feel, and you can’t get that from video analysis. I have had numerous teaching pros who have seen this challenge and have not only encouraged me to do it, but suggested to me that every golfer should try it.

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