30 Day Challenge – Day 3

Another driving range session in the cold. It was an excellent session. I’m beginning to feel my hands working and it’s amazing, where I point, that’s where the shot is going (when I do it right).

Those time, it feels so easy and I’m getting a good sense of when I’m trying to hit the ball, and when I’m letting the ball get in the way.  Letting it get in the way results in the ball exploding off the club face with that sweet feeling of a pure shot.  Trying to hit, results in inconsistency, and sort of a dead feeling in the hands.  I can still go where I want, with distance, but it just doesn’t feel as good or as easy.  It’s hard to feel what the hands are doing when I’m trying to hit it.

The other difference between the shots (when I’m trying to hit it, vs when I let the ball get in the way) is that the trajectory is completely different.  With the driver, I get this nice boring, flat trajectory.  Going after it results in some balooning.  But the interesting thing is that this is also true with the 8 iron.  Letting the ball get in the way just results in some beautiful shots.

Today I continued to focus on the hands, and letting the ball get in the way.  As Eben told me in a phone call, the ball is designed to bounce off the club face, and the club is designed so that it does not require any out of sequence motions to work best.

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  1. @anon: Hi,

    I understand that you would like to see progress and I would love to show it, but part of the challenge is no video analysis of my swing for 30 days. So I can’t show it. At the end of the 30 days I will post a before and after video.

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