A shift in perspective is all you need sometimes


Sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective to improve in leaps and bounds.

When I was in college, I had a dream to visit my father in Japan.  I hadn’t seen him since I was a kid and I had always felt a void there.  I spent the first two years of college learning Japanese well enough so that I could go to Japan and see him.  He had no idea I was coming but it was an important, driving dream for me.

We managed to communicate and then I got to go spend some time with him.  He lived in south of Japan and I got to spend 10 days with him.  He had been a World Champion in Karate, and I had always wanted to ask him how he got to that level of success.  I remember hearing stories about him, and about his tournament success.  From when I was a kid, those stories about him really inspired me.

One of the first things I asked him was how he became so good at Karate.  He told me a story, that to this day serves to inspire me.

He told me that when he first started doing Karate, he wasn’t one of the best.  In fact, the first two years on the team in college he couldn’t win a fight.  But he worked harder than anyone else on the team, 3 times harder than anyone else.  Still he kept losing.

He says that one day, it clicked for him. He figured it out, and from then on he was basically unbeatable.  He didn’t tell me exactly what clicked, but whatever it was that he figured out enabled him to be a 3 time world champion.

I think the same is true in golf.  Over the last week I have had numerous insights while doing the 30 Day Challenge.  In giving up video analysis for 30 days and concentrating on feeling the swing I have made breakthroughs that really surprise me.  This has created a shift in my perspective and suddenly the game seems so much simpler.  I’m sure I’m not done learning and what gets me excited is feeling like this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Feeling like I’ve started down the rabbit hole.

Have you experienced anything like this in golf?  In other areas?  I would love to hear of other experiences like this.

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