2 Excellent articles from Eben Dennis

Take a look at these two articles.  One is on putting and the other is on grip for improving your short game.

Improve your putting with the Nick Faldo-tested thumb pointing drill

A firm-and-gentle grip will improve your short game

Eben Dennis is a teaching professional based in McKinney, Texas. His students include PGA Tour players such as Nick Faldo, Billy Mayfair, Robert Gamez and Shaun Micheel; collegiate golfers; amateurs and beginners. He is the author of “Power Feel Golf: Your Path to Great Golf.” To learn more about the book and its DVD companion piece, click here. Eben learned golf at Champions Golf Club while growing up in Houston, where he received tips from Jackie Burke, Jimmy Demaret, Ben Hogan, Julius Boros and Bruce Crampton. He attended Florida State on a full golf scholarship and played professionally in the U.S. and Australia.

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