30 Day Challenge – Day 11 – The role of balance in the swing

Today was a mixed bag.  I learned some great things, but I also saw room to improve.  Well, a lot of room to improve.

One of the things that came up today was my spine angle (leaning away from the ball) at address, or not so much as the case may be, with the driver.

While I realize that it’s important to have solid fundamentals and spine angle is part of it, what I was feeling was confusion when trying to get into the position.  Not only was my body confused by it, but it was uncomfortable.  I think that you’re not supposed to force the body into those positions.

I think the best position from which to hit a golf ball fits the following criteria.

  1. Enables you to make a dynamic, athletic move
  2. Enables you to be efficient
  3. Comes from a natural understanding from how the body and the golf club should work together

The golf club is designed to work with the body, not against it.  Therefore getting into the right position should be a matter of understanding how the body and the club should work together to produce a golf swing.  Over the next week I will be working on my efficiency with the entire body, not just the hands.  The hands are extremely important, but they are not the only element that needs be working properly to execute a golf swing.  Your balance and setup need to work with them.

In martial arts you spend a great deal of time early on working on balance.  If you are out of balance, you can’t be efficient.  If you are out of balance, your body will make many compensations and will ultimately expend a lot of energy.  It can get good results even in those circumstances but those will feel like a lot of work.

So I think this issue of the spine angle, really is an issue of balance in the body.  Get the body balanced in the best way to hit a golf shot and everything will fall into place, feet, knees, spine, arms, head, etc.  Start out of balance and you will work hard and you can get ok results, but great results are unlikely.

The best swings use the body efficiently, and make the most of the physical abilities available.  I may not be built like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh etc.  I also don’t need to be.  I just need to find the swing that fits me.  The swing that matches my body type and allows me to use my body in the most efficient way.

Effortless shots come from good balance.

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