30 Day Challenge – Day 12 – Balance in the golf swing continued

So yesterday I began talking about balance in the swing. My main concern was that thinking about my spine angle would put the focus where it shouldn’t be and take me away from visualizing, feeling and executing the shot.

I did quite a bit of work today on balance and naturally creating the setup without having it be contrived.  The results are very encouraging.

Using a mirror, I practice a balanced setup.  What I found was that when I comfortably and naturally got setup to the ball everything did in fact get setup properly.  My spine was at the right tilt and I felt comfortable.  I felt no confusion the way I did yesterday.  I spent some time with Eben to understand how to get into that position naturally and that time spent is paying off.

My body felt in a dynamic athletic position that was ready to swing without compensations.  It definitely felt different from what I’ve been doing.

As I said yesterday in martial arts you spend a lot of time working on balance.  Being out of balance, means being inefficient.  Being in balance leads to efficiency.  I never really understood how that applied to golf until yesterday and today.

So what else have I felt since this change?

The club felt lighter.  My body seemed to resists less, because it was setup in a nice position.  I also felt more freedom to move through the swing.  It was a different sensation and it felt great.  I will keep posting about balance.  Tomorrow hopefully I’ll be able to hit some golf balls and get some ball flight feedback.

4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day 12 – Balance in the golf swing continued”

  1. I’ve been working on my posture as well. I have a tendency to stand up(straighten my legs) on my swing which often leads to a thin shot. By keeping my posture I have been making better contact. Great post. Keep at it.

  2. @Dexter(QuoteGuy): Hi Dexter,

    Posture is important, but I’ve been thinking about it on a deeper level. It’s about being in a position that lets you be efficient, that lets everything work together. So inline with the posture think about balance and efficiency. Remember what you are trying to do is transfer as much of the energy generated in the golf swing, through the golf ball and towards your target.

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