30 Day Challenge – Day 13 – Balance and the golf swing

Today I finally got the chance to go to the driving range after working on the balance and setup exercises.

I definitely felt more stable, but at the same time felt that my body was in a more dynamic position.  I didn’t feel stuck into the ground.  I hit a lot of excellent shots, but what mattered to more than that was was that my swing felt freer.  There was much less resistance from the body.

I did have to make some adjustments.  This new position, although much more dynamic, is different from my old position.  So, my hands, my eyes, and my body all need to adjust to how this new position feels in order to get the most accuracy.  That being said, any misses I had were certainly playable and really not all that far off.

This has been one great side effect of the work that I’ve been doing.  Essentially my misses are so much more playable.  I mean, if Ben Hogan could only expect to hit 3 balls perfectly the way he imagined in a round that tells you that golf is a game of misses.  If you want to play well, you need to have misses that are serviceable.

So along with playable misses, my good shots have also improved.  They have become more accurate and more solid.  I love the fact that there is so much to learn in this game.  There is always room to grow and improve, and as long as I keep doing that, I can enjoy this game.

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