The club that helped Steve Stricker get his swing back

The Medicus helped Steve Stricker, a feel player to get his swing back after 3 years of finishing outside the top 150 on the money list.  He incorporated Medicus into his practice sessions in order to improve his rhythm.

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2 thoughts on “The club that helped Steve Stricker get his swing back”

  1. @Mac O’Grady:

    Hi Mac,

    I appreciate you commenting on this post. This was written a while back and I think it was in a golf week article around the time that I wrote this post that Steve Stricker did say that. Of course I’m sute it wasn’t the only tool he used to get his game back in form. He used that winter to work on a lot of things from his heated shed in Wisconsin and I know he worked closely with his father too. I don’t have a Medicus anymore, and haven’t used one for years but used properly it was a solid training aid provided you use it properly and don’t think it will be a cure all.

    I don’t believe any training aid is a cure all. I also believe lessons and an improvement plan should be a part of any golfers strategy to get better. I constantly see pros using this device or that one but its usually IMO because they are working on something very specific that the device helps them isolate or focus on.

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