30 Day Challenge – Day 15

I continued balance work.  The snow came down really heavy today so that eliminated going to the driving range.  The only thing I really could do was putting, maybe some chipping, and simulator work.  I ended up doing some work on the simulator focusing on my balance.

My golf swing has felt freer.  Being in balance like this seems also to be a key to more accuracy and distance.  This better posture seems to allow me to rotate more cleanly around my hips, especially with my feet not feeling stuck to the ground.  My hips also feel like they are clearing faster.

I tried working on a suggestion that Eben gave me which was to get into position, then feel my hands.  For a few days I think I was so focused on balance that I seemed to lose touch with my hands.  Now, that getting into position ready to hit a golf shot has become more natural, I seem to be getting the feel back in my hands.  At the same time, I’m just a bit more aware of how my body allows the energy in my hands to work more efficiently.  I feel like I’m making steady progress.  Now if only the snow would melt and the temperature would rise so that I could go back to the range.

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