30 Day Challenge, Days 22 – 25


This is how my driving range has looked throughout most of this 30 day challenge.

With the weather starting to warm up I’m starting to see more accurate carry distances and I’m very excited for what the season holds.  I continue to make progress with my ability to execute the shots I see in my minds eye.  My irons are especially strong in that regard, although I feel like I’m starting to overpower the shafts a bit.  Still, that is god news even if it means that I’ll need to reshaft soon.

The most significant change I’ve seen in the last few days is that getting into the ready position has become so much more natural which is having a positive impact on my confidence.  Being reasonably confident that I’m set up well to my target and the ball makes it so much easier to swing freely.  This ready position also allows me more more freedom in visualizing and executing shots.  My body feels like it allows the ball to get in the way of the club face and it does not fight itself as much.

The only place I do feel a bit of conflict remains with the driver.  It is certainly much improved from when I started the challenge, but it does have room for appointment.  Still my misses are manageable and continue to get better.  Part of it could also have been that I have a new shaft in my driver (Project X Graphite 7B3).  It does seem to kill the spin, though I haven’t been on trackman with this new setup yet.

The temperature was in the mid 50s and it was beautiful.  I may try to get 18 holes in tomorrow, even though it won’t be quite as warm.  It’ll be interesting to see how the 30 Day Challenge translate to the golf course.  My game feels so much better and I don’t feel the need to watch video anymore.  I feel like I can make any corrections I need to based on what I feel.  I know what feels right, and I know what doesn’t, and it just seems so much better than trying to adjust to a position on a video screen.  For someone who was so big into video analysis, that last paragraph was a bit weird to write, but that’s how I feel now.  It is liberating.  I also feel less dependent on my instructors as well.  They will be there for check-ups and questions, but my game feels really good.

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