Review: Divot Mat

The DivotMat is an excellent practice/training aid.  It identifies your impact characteristics in a unique way for indoor or outdoor use.

The Divot Mat consists of a few key pieces.  1) The Divot Mat Sheets, 2) The Divot Pad (Lie Board), 3) The Divot Mat, a soft mat on which to put the Divot Pad including velcro strips to fasten it securely to the mat, 4) 2 DVDs with instructional information.

The Divot Mat sheets have 9 golf balls printed on them that serve as the focal point for your shot.  When you swing and hit the mat, your club leaves a trail mark on the Divot Mat.  This trail shows where the club first hit the mat, how long the divot is, and the direction of the divot.  These 3 things enable you to see whether you are hitting the ball fat, thin or just right, and whether you have an inside-out swing, outside-in, or straight swing path.

Zen Chili Rating for The Divot Mat

5 Zens out of 5

• Easy to use, provides instant understandable feedback
• Can help someone focus on the divot instead of the ball
• Use anywhere you can swing an iron.
• Good DVD explaining common faults and fixes.

5 Chilis out of 5

•Mat is well constructed.
•Divot Sheets are refillable, durable, and good for about 40 swings each.
• Affordable.
• Nice carrying case.
• Well thought out package and design.

The sheets are very sturdy and definitely stand up to the impact from the club without tearing.  The divots are clear, although it can get harder to see your last impact if the sheet is already pretty marked up.  The company sells refill sheets that come in packs of 36.  They recommend using each sheet 30 to 40 times, which means a refill pack should last about 3 months.

It’s very easy to use, though I recommend putting it on a mat or carpet.  Do not the Divot Pad off hardwood floors or concrete.  The sheets stick to the Divot Board through some double sided tape.  It’s a piece of cake to take a sheet off and put a new one on. Then start swinging your irons and look at the divots.  The feedback is instantaneous and easy to understand.

It’s a great practice tool that can help sharpen up anyone’s game.

Check out DivotMat website for more information.

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