30 Day Challenge now complete

Thank you to everyone who has tuned into the 30 day challenge.  It has been a blast.  And just so you all know, this is the first in a number of challenges, all to help you become better golfers.

This challenge for me was not easy.  For the past 7 months or so, I had really become a video swing analysis junkie.  It took 30 days off video to see what that actually had done to my game.  My feel after the challenge has dramatically improved.  What does this mean, really?

It means that I’m not trying to get into specific positions.  I’m not thinking about technical swing thoughts, and I’m much more in touch with what my body is feeling.  It also means that the shots I create feel like an extension of me, rather than feeling like I got lucky and hit a shot solid.  My imagination and creativity has also improved.  I don’t just to try to blast my irons or woods as far as they will go.  Instead I’m focused on shot making.  I visualize the shot, feel in my hands what that shot should feel like, and repeat that feeling on my swing.  It is astounding to me how the shots turn out when I do this process right.  The nice thing is that even when they don’t turn out exactly right, I can feel what happened.  This makes making any corrections that much easier.

The correction can be as simple as feeling the shot better.

What else has happened over the 30 days?  My club head speed has gone up consistently.  My driver speed is now in the 110 range consistently, and I also hit the center of the face consistently.

My irons are also better, and my six iron swing speed is in the 93-94 mph range, which means I have to upgrade my shafts in my irons.  The Mizuno fitting system recommended Dynamic Gold x100s for me.  I’ve never really played DG so I’m excited about what those might to for my game when I get my irons reshafted.

The biggest change is my outlook on the game.

The game seems so much simpler.  I was on information overload before starting this challenge.  That is greatly reduced.  It is amazing what it feels like to be on a golf course without thousands of swing thoughts swimming in and out of my head.  It’s liberating and it makes it so much more fun.

Overall this has been a terrific experience and I’m excited about the upcoming challenges.  Keep reading to find out when the next one starts, you won’t want to miss it.

Also, I will continue to help anyone who is doing the current 30 day challenge.  Please post your questions on the facebook page.  Also, sign up for the 30 day challenge newsletter.  There are a lot of exciting things coming up.

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