Westchester Golf Show


Today I went to the Westchester Golf Show in White Plains, NY.

My main objective was to see and play with some of the new equipment for the 2010 season.  While I was there I decided to try the Bridgstone Ball Fitting and also try the new Mizuno Shaft Optimizer.

The Bridgestone Ball Fitting was pretty interesting.  I was looking for a few things.

1) I wanted to see that it was conducted fairly.

2) I wanted to see what they said about my swing.

I could have signed up for an appointment but they were booked until 4:15 PM and I had stopped by the booth around 12:30.  Well, I wasn’t going to wait until after 4, so I got on the stand-by list.  It only took about 5 people in front of me before I got the chance to go.

As I watched the 3 people before me go I was listening carefully to what the Bridgestone Rep had to say.  These guys all had 90 mph swings, and moderate to large slices, with the largest slice going about 50 yards to the right.  For two of the three, the rep recommended the Bridgestone E5 to straighten out their flight, for one recommended the RX but only after the golfer answered the question of what was he willing to sacrifice.  Since he wasn’t willing to sacrifice control around the green he got the RX.  For those 3 guys, they did end up with better results.  Their slices were basically cut in half and they got 10-14 yards more of total distance.  These 3 golfers had been playing Nike One Tour, Srixon Tri-Speed, and Titleist Pro V1.

Finally it was my turn.  I had waited about 35 minutes and I was anxious to give it a go.  I had only hit a few golf balls about an hour earlier so I was far from being warmed up.  The rep asked me what ball I normally play, and I answered that I typically play the Taylormade TP Red.  We joked that it was too bad the TP Red was going away.

I stepped up an hit about 5 shots with the TP red into the net.

Then I went to the table to check the results and see what he had to say.

He said “well, you know your swing speed right? Your about 110.”  I felt pretty happy with that.

He said “There’s actually not that much we can do for you.  Do you like a softer or a harder ball?”  I told him harder because I’m playing the red. He gave me the B330 to try and I went and hit 5 more shots with it.  The results were about the same as the TP Red, with maybe a bit more distance.

He gave me 2 trial packs of the Bridgestone B330.  I appreciated his honesty in telling me that they couldn’t really improve my results with a Bridgestone ball and that makes me feel better about the company.

If you get the chance, I would suggest doing the Bridgestone fitting.  You may be surprised by the results.

The other cool thing I got to do at the show was try the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer.

With their system, a small wireless sensor is attached to the club.  As you swing it captures your swing speed, and other factors such acceleration, load pattern, swing speed, and release timing to come up with shaft recommendations.  It then list 3 choices with ordering them in relation to being the best match for your swing.

For me with a 6 irons swing speed of 94, the 3 choices were:

1) Dynamic Gold x100
2) Project X 6.5
3) KBS X-stiff

I really want to play with a set of DG x100 to see how they feel now that I’ve had this recommendation.  It’s a very cool system.  I think it reduces the guessing game of shaft fitting and I think it’s well worth trying.

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