30 Day Challenge: Wedges – Day 5

http://www.golfclubatlas.com/images/Kenn7g.JPGThe last few days of practice were pretty much rained out by one of the seemingly many tropical storms that’s hitting the north east.  Luckily the skies will clear up for about a week.

I continued to practice short shots at the range, devoting 80% of the bucket of balls to them.

The positive thing is that my distance control is becoming better.  I can get pretty close to the distances I want with virtually any club.  For example there is a green out on the range at 126 yards.  I can hit it pretty consistently with the following clubs 52* sand wedge, PW, 9i, 8i, 7i.  I’m finding that although the 52* can get it there, in fact it can land at about 130.  It gets a super high ball flight.  It’s one of those shots that’s much better if there is no wind.  I’m finding it’s easier to hit consistently with the pw or even 9 iron because the trajectory is more controllable.  With those clubs, the shots feel like half shots almost, but the trajectory is nice, and the ball gets a lot of spin, though I’m not trying to put a lot of spin on it.

I’m still working on accuracy.  Although I’m getting a good feel for the distances, I tend to miss a bit left or right depending on the target. I think that’s simply a matter of working with it.  It continues to be a lot of fun and I know my accuracy will improve.  I’m not missing by much, so that is exciting.

I hit the last 20 balls with some longer irons, hybrid, and woods.  My rhythm was better and I hit some fantastic irons and some really good hybrids.  The driver is the one club that continues to give me a bit of inconsistency but I’m not too worried about that as I don’t need to hit driver all that much to play well.  Still, it would be nice to get the driver in better shape.  I hit some great ones and some poor ones, but even the poor ones would be in play.

I also felt something interesting on my best shots.  It felt as if time slowed down at the top of the backswing.  It was kind of strange, but it also felt really in sync.

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