Game Sense: Tee to Green

If you want to be a better golfer, then you need to learn more than the average golfer.  It’s amazing to me, how few people ever take a short game or putting lesson.  It seems like all any golfer wants to do is hit it farther.

I’ve been putting into practice the things I’ve learned from Eben, during the development of “Game Sense: Tee to Green“, and it is really helping me.

When I interviewed Eben about course management, he ended up sharing so much information.  He really has a wealth of knowledge.  He helped Nick Faldo, after Faldo had lost the feel on his putting.  He’s helped other tour players and even long drive champions Sean “the beast” Fister and Art Sellinger.

The things he shared with me during the recording of the “Game Sense” program, have had a major impact on my game.  Here’s what’s happened with me:

  • I feel much more at ease on the course knowing the tricks the architects use to confuse golfers, and knowing how not to fall for them
  • Knowing the proper places to hit the ball, and to miss it to, also make things much easier, and really takes the pressure of your long game.  This information gives you a much larger margin for error.
  • I feel like a shot maker and a real player, rather than someone who is hitting and hoping.

Today I went out to play a round using all the techniques I’ve learned in this program.  It was one of the most fun rounds I’ve had recently.  I had a putt for par on every hole, and several birdie putts.  And the round just felt easy.  I missed a few short putts, but I always felt like I had opportunities to make pars.

This confidence of knowing the strategy that I wanted to use, took enough pressure off that I think it really helped my ball striking.  I had one of the best ball striking rounds I had recently, partly because I knew that if I didn’t it perfectly, I would be in a good position to save par, and that’s just what I proceeded to do.  I also had no scores higher than bogey.  That is fun.  When you know that you’re not going to make a double or worse, it just makes the game feel so much easier and fun.

I feel like now I know things that most players don’t.  And it definitely makes me more confident.  If you want to play with this kind of confidence, you should get “Game Sense:Tee to Green“.

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