Have you ever had a stress free round of golf?

Do you rush to the first tee?

What are your rounds of golf like?  Do you rush to the tee without much of warmup, maybe passing by the practice putting green to take a couple of putts?

Do you then wonder if the number of balls you have in your golf bag are going to last the whole round or whether you’ll need to reload at the turn?

Do you know that you can expect a numer of double bogeys and worse along with a few three putts and feel he inevitable coming?

Stress Free Golf

I want to offer you an alternative.  I want you to imagine  stress free round.  What would it look like for you?

For me, a stress free round means no scores worse than bogey.  It means at least a par putt on every hole with a few putts for birdie thrown into the mix.  It means that my misses end up somewhere near the green where I have an easy chip or pitch onto the green for my par putt.  And it means no three putts.

Does this sound like a sweet dream to you? I want to tell you that it is possible.

What it takes

I had a round like this a few days ago.  What did it take?  It took making good decisions.

A good decision on the golf course is one where if you pull your intended shot off you are in a good position to score, and if you don’t pull the shot off you are still in a good position to score because the area where you missed your shot has not brought a high number into play.

Sounds easy but most golfers don’t know how to do this and it is not their fault.  The golf industry glamorizes distance instead of good decision making. And it’s understandable. Distance sells equipment.  Good decision making does not.

The other reason most golfers don’t know about it is their teachers don’t suggest it.  Golfers generally take lessons to fix their swing not to learn how to score and there is a big difference.

That stress free round showed me how fun and easy golf can really be.  My goal is to play stress free golf.  I encourage you to try it, you can learn the strategies here.

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