How Bill lowered his score by 5 shots using Game Sense

I received this great note in my inbox this morning.

“Today, once the rain stopped, I headed out to my course to test drive “Game  Sense”.  I live on a golf course and have played it nearly every week for 8 years. Using the Game  Sense points I actually came to view the course a totally different way. Angles and highways came into view after reading the hole from the green to tee. Amazing, it all works. I played 15 holes, had a par putt on every hole and NO Doubles. Shot 39 on the first 9! My avg score on this nine is 42-43. Playing the hole from the best approach saves a lot of big numbers.

On the par 3’s I followed your instructions exactly and teed it up in new places and started to grasp where Arthur Hills, the architect, was trying to trick everyone. I had birdie putts on all 4 par 3’s and hit the ball where I had the most green to work with. 2 putt pars on all of them did not disappoint me at  all.

Amazing!!! Playing the course as you and Eben suggested works very well indeed. I could go on and on. – Bill Sferro”

Bill, I know how you feel. The first time I headed out to the course after learning the strategies in Game Sense, it was amazing. It was as if I looked at the golf course with a new set of eyes. I could see things I had never noticed before. I could see where the architect was trying to trick golfers and why most golfers fall for it.

Since then I have been playing some of my best golf in terms of scoring. What’s impressed me is how well you can score even when you don’t have your best stuff, if you just play smart, and that’s what Game Sense allows you to do. I don’t always hit the ball the way I want, but when you play smart, you can still score well. You can still have par putts on every hole, or almost every hole, and double bogeys or worse are nowhere in sight.

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