Shaft upgrade delivers penetrating ball fight and consistency

Golf clubsLast week I had the shafts in my irons upgraded.  The reason that I had it done was because my swing had changed and the shafts were too weak in my irons.  I noticed this on especially well struck shots where the spin put on the ball would make the balloon so much that it lost a lot of distance for me.  The other reason was that the trajectories and carries were all over the place.

After being fitted by the Mizuno fitting system, it was determined that I should be using Dynamic Gold X100 shafts, but that the heads I have (Mizuno MP52) were fine for my swing. This was a big change, as I was being switched from Project X 5.0.  I could have stayed with Project X, according to the Mizuno fitting system if I had gone to a 6.5 flex, but according to them it was my third choice.  The choice that fit my swing best was DG X100.

I’m happy to report that the change is going well.  What I like best about the new shafts is that the they are much more predictable.  My distances are no longer all over the place, the ballooning has been eliminated, and the shots really fly much more true.

I have had to make some changes in the way I swing.  I’m not really changing my technique, I’m just adjusting to a new tempo.  With these shafts I can’t go after it the way I did.  In fact, I find that with these, if the swing feels about 80%, the results are amazing and consistent.  The ball flight is much straighter and consistent than anything I have had before.  The ball explodes off the face with a very different feeling from what I had before.  It just seems much more solid and the flight is penetrating, even into some significant wind.  Even though I’m changing my tempo a bit, the change feels excellent, and I believe it will help make me a better golfer.

Now, I’m not recommending that you go out and get Dynamic Gold X100 shafts.  I would recommend a good fitting.  Having equipment that fits you really makes a big difference.  There are so many options that even a well informed golfer has a hard time self fitting.  There are may different kinds of shafts, club heads, lie angles, and lengths.  The standard off the shelf equipment may not fit you, and may be hurting your game.  I know that I was putting so much spin on the ball that it was robbing me of distance.  See your local pro for a fitting.  It can really help your game.

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