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Man putting at golf course.As I kid I learned how to play golf on a golf course with caddies.  We never took the golf cart, but we usually had a couple of caddies.

The caddies were great.  Not only were they super nice and friendly, they knew the course so well that you couldn’t help but play better.  They kept you in the game, recommended the right strategies and clubs.

I don’t get to play with a caddy anymore.  So I’ve had to learn to become my own caddy.  I’ve had to learn the right strategies.  I’ve had to learn to deal with the disappointment of making a bad swing.  The caddies were great with that.  They could always make you laugh.

I think that if everybody could play with a good caddy, that the scores of the average golfer would really drop.  Playing with a caddy really takes pressure off.  Your mind can be much more quiet, thinking about the shot, rather than trying to calculate everything.  But since most people don’t get to play with caddies then they need some help.

I think it’s great that GPS devices have come along.  They can certainly help with strategy, that is if you know the strategies then you can get the most out of your gps.  If you don’t know the strategies and you only know distances, then you won’t be able to play your best golf.

Caddies will give you the right club if there’s trouble in back.  They’ll give you the right club if there’s trouble to carry.  But range finders won’t do that.  They’ll only give you distances.  It’s up to you to use the right strategies.  I’ve been writing a lot about strategy lately because I really believe that golfers can cut their scores by simply playing better strategic golf.  The problem is that most golfes never take short game lessons, they never take playing lessons where they can learn the strategies, and so it’s almost like their playing with one hand tied behind their back.

The golf course architects use all kinds of tricks to get players to make bad decisions.  And these bad decisions, lead to double bogey or worse.  Simply knowing these tricks can help players beat the course architects.  If everyone could play with a caddy, these problems could be avoided.  However, most players are on their own, solo golfers battling the golf course, the conditions, the architects, their opponents if in a match, and themselves.  That’s why we created Game Sense: Tee to Green.  It gives you the knowledge to be your own caddy, and play your best golf.

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