New strategy for effortless golf has surprising results

Zen GolfToday was one of the great practice sessions.  Even though I set out to do something I was practicing on the simulator, I ended up going in a completely different direction with my driving range session.

At home I had been practicing with the driving range portion of my golf simulator.  I noticed that I had difficulty squaring the face, but once I concentrated on having an inside path and getting the face slightly closed at impact I hit beautiful draws.

I wanted to see how that would translate on the driving range I go to, to hit actual golf balls.  So I started out doing that, and quickly got bored of it.  I followed an intuition I had and instead practiced in a different way.

I started with the pitching wedge and picked out a target about 75 yards away.  And the thought I had in preparing for the swing was this “What is the smoothest slowest full swing I can do to hit it to that target 75 yards away.”  So I felt the smooth swing in my body, and then did the same thing with a golf ball.  That smooth swing created a gorgeous pitching wedge shot.  It arced high, and went right at the my aim point but effortlessly carried to 130 yards.

I felt no effort in the swing.  In fact, it almost felt as if there was anti-effort.  That was interesting so I wondered if I could do that consistently.  I hit about 10 more shots, to the exact spot give or take a couple of feet.  The ball just exploded off the face and the sound was completely different from the way it sounded at the beginning of the session.

Earlier in the session I had been trying the ideas from the simulator session and I was hitting my 7 iron about 165.  I wondered if it would work the 7 iron.  I grabbed my 7 iron and picked out a spot 125 yards from me on the line I wanted to hit the shot to.  Again I thought, what is the easiest smoothest and slowest swing that will take it to 125.  Once I felt that I had it, I stepped up to the ball.  The swing felt slow and smooth, and the ball sailed to 175 yards, bouncing off the back of the green at the range.  Again it felt effortless.  I was trying to do less and ended with a better result.

Have you ever experienced this?  Give it a shot, I think you’ll like it.

2 thoughts on “New strategy for effortless golf has surprising results”

  1. I have experienced this myself. When I take a slow mellow swing and hit the ball in the sweet spot the ball just blasts down range.

  2. Definitely
    I was trying to reach a creek on a par 4 earlier this fall with a driver. Couldnt do it.
    I finally gave up and just decided to take a slow swing and to hell with distance.

    Took my shot and when we got down to my ball it was inches from the creek bank.
    Trying to nail the ball didnt get me distance, it just got me in trouble.
    Taking a relaxed swing got me the best shot Id made to that point.

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