Review: Tifosi Golf Sunglasses

I needed to get a new pair of golf sunglasses.  I was looking for stylish frames with lenses that perform.  I also wanted to be able to wear them away from the golf course and still look good.  I found a pair I liked at my local golf shop and decided to purchase them.

I bought the Tifosi Ventoux in the gunmetal color.  These sunglasses come with a hard case, a soft case and 3 sets of interchangeable lenses.  The hard case was important to me as I might keep them in the golf bag and didn’t want them to break.  The hard case is nice and light, but still sturdy enough to give me peace of mind that they won’t break while in there.

The sunglasses came with 3 interchangeable lenses: The GT (golf and tennis) lens, the EC (extreme contrast) and the AC (All Conditions Red).  So far I’ve only worn them with the golf and tennis lenses but I am quite impressed with the quality of the lenses and the frame.

I wear these sunglasses all the time playing golf, even when it’s not as bright.  They cut down on the glare and really help me saw the ball better off the club face and in the air.  The enhanced contrast is great for reading greens.

Another benefit I’ve found  is that these lenses don’t create any distortion.  I had another pair of golf sunglasses before, and while the contrast was great, the shape of the lens actually created some distortion.  The way the lens wrapped around my face and the eye was also a bit of a problem because when I putted, it was like looking through bifocals, except that instead of blurry and sharp areas, it was areas covered by the glasses and those not covered by the glasses.  That made putting difficult.  With these Tifosi sunglasses that issue is a thing of the past for me.

The glasses come with the interchangeable lenses, a hard case, and s soft cloth bag which also doubles as a polishing cloth.  For $60, they are an excellent deal and I’m very glad that I got them.  If you’re in need of some golf sunglasses, give these a chance, they won’t disappoint.

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