Bomb and Gouge, or Fairways and Greens

Interesting discussion between the announcers on Golf Channel today during the Wyndham Championship.  Faldo and Oosterhuis were saying how back in their days it was all about hitting the fairway because of the equipment.  Persimmon clubs and balata balls that required more shot making.  The other comment was that in those days they really did swing at 75-80% but that now players swing closer to 100% with the driver, just trying to get it down as far as they can.

It is amazing by how much Tour Pros are missing the fairway, but it doesn’t seem to cost them that many shots even with the new grooves.

The equipment may be more forgiving, but given the club head speeds these guys are generating, they require even more precision to hit them straight, or as Faldo said “the ball comes off sideways.”

How do you play?  Do you play bomb and gouge, or fairways and greens?

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