A year of “Journey to Scratch” and ZenChili.com

Fall Golf in CTWell it’s Fall again, the leaves are changing all around new England.

It’s also been about a year since ZenChili.com was started and this blog was born.  It’s been quite an amazing year and I wanted to thank all of you who have come to read the blog, comment and inspire me.

Highlights of the first year of “Journey to Scratch” on ZenChili.com

Great Coach

I got introduced to an amazing coach who has really changed my game and outlook on golf.  No matter what I’m working on, practicing or thinking about when it comes to golf, it has forever been altered by his influence.  Eben Dennis is his name and you should check out Power Feel Golf when you have a moment.  He has taken me from being overly analytical and technical to more fluid, creative, and feel based.  His coaching has made the game simpler and more fun.

If you ever have the opportunity to get a lesson from him, do it, you’ll be glad you did.

Golf Marathon with the New York Jets for the Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation

I had an amazing opportunity to help out a great cause, and play some excellent golf.  Rob Pritts of Back 9 Promotions organized the event with Brandon Moore and his buddies from the New York Jets.  I ended up playing over 50 holes of golf with Danny Woodhead and Jim Leonard.  It was an amazing experience.  Great guys who were a blast to play some seriously fun golf with.

Game Sense Golf

I worked with Eben to put together this program.  It beautifully captures the strategies Eben has learned not only from some of the legends of golf (Ben Hogan, Jimmy Demaret, Jackie Burke Jr), but those he has learned over a lifetime of playing and teaching the game.  It was a pleasure working with him to put this program together, and I expect some great things in the next year for the Game Sense Golf platform.

Product Reviews

Over the last year I’ve had the chance to review some great products and training aids.  Some of my favorites include the Optishot from Dancin’ Dogg, the Vharness, the Taly Mind Set, the Tour Striker, and Aaron Baddeley: Putting from See It Golf, and The Orange Whip.

The products make bold claims, but live up to the hype.  They are excellent tools to improve your golf game.  Some of these I use every day, others when I need a tune up in some area.  My criteria is simple, do they work and do they help you improve your golf game?

PGA Tour

No, I’m not ready yet for the PGA Tour.  However, I have had some phenomenal opportunities recently to meet and greet players from the Tour.  I had the chance to meet Rickie Fowler, Anthony Kim, Matt Kuchar, Camillo Villegas and several others.

Straight Down the Middle

Josh Karp, the author of this excellent book, got in touch with me to take a look at his book.  I felt like we had gone on a similar journey.  I hope one day to play golf with Josh and swap stories on the 19th hole.  This book captures the ride that in some way we are all on when we pick up a club, get hooked on the game, and try the next thing to get better.

Stay Tuned

So a lot has happened in the past year.  I don’t know what’s in store for year 2 of “Journey to Scratch” but I’m sure I’ll be as surprised as you.  I plan to have some new and exciting reviews, events, and of course I’ll be passing on lessons that improve my game and hopefully yours as well.

Thank you for visiting and I hope that some of what I’ve shared has had a positive impact in your golf life.

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