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Now that it’s getting colder in the North East, I find that when I go to the practice area at my golf course that there is no one there.  The place is deserted.  Still, I want to keep getting better so I’m spending a lot of time.  I’m using a couple of practice games that make practice really interesting and add some significant challenge.

I call the first game:

Pin Seeker

The objective is to get the ball as close to the hole without going more than gimme range past.  Here are the rules.

For every shot that lands on the green, but stays on and short of the pin you get 1 point.  Every shot that gets within 3 feet you get 3 points.  Every shot that hits the pin or goes into the hole, you get 5 points.  However, for every shot that is past the pin and more than 3 feet away, you lose 2 points.

Play this game, it will really sharpen up your pitching, chipping.

Another great game to play is:

Leap Frog

Pick a pin on the green to hit to.  The first shot must land short of the pin, but on the green.  The objective is to see how many balls you can get between the first ball and the pin with each ball having gone past the previous shot.  Start with a PW and move to your more lofted wedges.  It’s trickier than it sounds and it’s a good way to learn distance control.  If you really want to challenge yourself, play this game out of the bunker.

This should give you some really good practice, add some pressure, and begin to recreate situations on the golf course.  You’ll see your skills sharpen, your distance control sharpen and your feel improve.  Give these games a shot and let me know what you think.

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  1. Nice! I’ll try these the next time I’m practicing. The second game is similar to a challenge they had on The Big Break Dominican Republic. I think they started from the tee and went until they reached the hole. The first contestant hit. The next teammate had to hit it further to keep the team alive. As long as they hit further than the previous ball, they could keep swinging. The catch was, you don’t want to hit it too far past because the closer you got to the hole the less yardage you had to work with in between the ball and the hole. Very cool challenge.

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