Twelve Days at the Academy (Golf Channel)

Since this blog is focused on getting better, let’s take a look at the Golf Channel’s 12 Days at the Academy.  What I have been doing is recording the shows onto my DVR and then watching them for the most solid information.  Since we all are all working on different parts of the game and we have different strengths and weaknesses you may not agree entirely with me on my assessment.

The episodes I have so far are: Michael Breed, Brandel and Frank, Martin Hall, Greg Normal, Mediate and Ballard, Annika Sorenstam, and Sean Foley.

Strong Episodes

For me, the two most impactful episodes have been Brandel and Frank and Sean Foley.

I was surprised at how good and useful Brandel and Frank’s content was for players of any level. The they did a terrific job showing impact and providing drills.  My favorite drill was dragging the club from a foot and half behind the ball.

The other episode that made an impact was Sean Foley’s.  I am a big fan of the swings of Hunter Mahan and Sean O’Hair.  They both have awesome rotational swings, and hit the ball a long way and accurately.  What I like that Sean Foley did was emphasize hitting it solid by hitting the ball first and minizing sway away from the ball.  He said you there is lateral movement in the golf swing but you want to it to be toward the target.  This episode works really well with the Brandel and Frank’s episode on Impact Position.

Unfortunately I was less than enthusiastic about the other episodes.  I felt that Annika’s, Rocco’s were for the most part aimed at higher handicap golfers.  There’s nothing wrong with that but I personally got very little out of them.

Weak Episodes

Michael Breed’s episode was middle of the road for me.  Not fantastic but not bad.  He had some very good things to say about spin, and his demonstration of how left to right spin cuts distance was solid. I also like the tip his dad gave him about feeling like he’s swinging in a shampoo bottle to improve tempo.

Martin Hall

Although I liked a lot of what he has to say about the golf swing, he is a bit quirky for me.  Understandably he seemed a little bit nervous as this is a huge moment and opportunity for him.  However I found him to be very gadget focused.  Not many people will go out and build a swing plane, attach lasers to their clubs, or build the bungee cord contraption.  That being said he made a lot of valid points aimed, in my opinion at the mid and high handicapper.

Overall I’ve enjoyed the series so far and I’m looking forward to see what Player, Palmer and Nicklaus have to say, along with Dave Stockton.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the show?  What is the most important thing you have learned from it?

2 thoughts on “Twelve Days at the Academy (Golf Channel)”

  1. Zen: I agree that Foley had a good segment and I didn’t get anything out of Rocco and Annika. I didn’t catch Martin Hall but I generally like what he has to say, but I’m also someone who likes training aids and I know a lot of players, especially good players, stay away from anything resembling a gadget.

  2. @Nick Chertock: I don’t mind gadgets as long as you use them with a purpose and understand that no gadget is a cure all. Use a gadget properly and it can help you get the right feeling to use. Use it as a crutch and you’re bound to struggle. This goes along with the latest post about making swing changes stick.

    As far as the instructional material on 12 days at the academy, I wasn’t overly impressed. There were some good things, but there was a lot of fluff.

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