Review: BirdieBall Putting Green

If you’re a serious golfer, you want to be able to practice at home.  It’s not always easy to get to the golf course with all of the obligations we have on our lives.  It was with this thought in mind that I got a BirdieBall putting green.  I received it as a present from my parents, who know just how serious I take my golf.

I received the 13.5 x 9 ft green.  Although it would have been nice to get a bigger green for those long putts, I really don’t have the room for it.  The width at 4 feet allows me to comfortably hit putts to all three cups.

The green comes in three speeds, slow (9-10 on the stimp meter), medium (10-11 stimp) or fast (11-12 stimp).  Since most of the time I’m playing in real life on greens in the 10-11 stimp range, I opted for that one.  The nice thing about knowing how it stimps, is that it allows me to train in a solid frame of reference.  I can get good from various distances with a green speed I play on regularly.  Since I don’t often play fast greens, it didn’t make sense to get the faster green.

What I Like

The green is quite realistic in terms of speed.  It’s soft and springy like a real green, and it rolls out nicely.  Check out the video above to see the roll.  The surface is nice and textured and in fact you can add grain to it.  By brushing the green in one direction or the other you can actually make it faster or slower.  The green also comes with some foam inserts that allow you to create breaks in the green, from very subtle to severe.

What I don’t Like

The cups are too shallow.  If you’re putting on a hard surface, the ball will go in the hole and pop back out.  I usually end up putting the cup side over some carpet to soften the ball impact and so that it has less chance of popping out.

The other thing I don’t like is the cups themselves and the target flags.  The cups are a hard plastic and although they have some holes that are supposed to catch the ball, they often don’t.  The target flags are so light that if the green moves a tiny bit they fall.  They have no weight to them.  So I usually take out the cups and the flags and just putt to the holes.  It’s not a big problem, but they do ruin the feeling a bit.


Overall, this is a solid green.  With fixed cups (a bit deeper) and flags (a bit more weight to them, and not as flimsy), I would heartily recommend it.  It’s less expensive than other greens that are similar.  It has a much better feel and roll, then almost all other synthetic greens that I’ve been, so that is a huge plus.  All in all, it has some limitations, but I’m glad I have it because I can set it up how I want, as well knowing that I’m practicing to a speed I’ll encounter almost every round I play.

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