Tour Striker – a month long test with it began today

I’ve decided to do a month long test with each of my favorite swing training aids to see how they impact my ball striking and my game with intense practice.  To begin this series I’m going to use the one that I’ve used the least lately, the Tour Striker.

Why the Tour Striker

I picked the Tour Striker because over the past couple of months I’ve noticed something interesting.  Inexplicably I’ve had periods of incredible ball striking, followed by periods where I lost significant distance with my irons.

With this in mind I decided the Tour Striker would be the perfect tool for the job.

So today I brought the Tour Striker out and headed to the range.

Although I had no problem getting the ball in the air with the tour striker, hitting off firm mats, I knew I wasn’t making perfect contact.  Over the next hour I was able to hone in on the problem and the Tour Striker was incredibly helpful.

The results of Day One

My shot shape went from high spinny shots to penetrating shots that seemed to fly forever.  It was exciting to see my distance come back, and to boot it happened so quickly.  However, I’m not ready to say 100 percent that it was the tour striker’s influence.  I may have happened to have a great range session.  All in all it was a good start.  I will continue working with the Tour Striker over the next month and report back on the results.

3 thoughts on “Tour Striker – a month long test with it began today”

  1. How do you typically practice with the Tour Striker? 10 shots with, 10 without repeat? Just trying to get an idea of what others are doing.

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