Tour Striker – Day 12 – Confidence Building

Over the past 12 days working with the tour striker I’ve seen a significant improvement in my ball striking. For a while and before re-acquainting myself with the TS my distance control was inconsistent.
I’m now much more consistent with my distance control and my I’ve added about 15 yards with each iron.
I’ve found that not only is the TS a great practice tool, but it is also a fantastic way to check your ballstriking.
The Tour Striker helps with consistency
Twelve days ago I was very inconsistent with the TS. If you take a look at the last few posts you’ll see me talk about the inconsistencies. Yesterday on the range my strikes with the TS really surprised me. Not only did the ball fly high and far and straight but it just felt great.
I’ve been working on the on practicing with each hand separately and wow is that a challenging drill. It’s really good though. I’m very pleased with progress I’m making with the Tour Striker.

4 thoughts on “Tour Striker – Day 12 – Confidence Building”

  1. @doug:

    I’ve thought about doing that but I haven’t yet. I’ve used them one right after the other which is nice, but I haven’t used them together at the same time. I feel like it might be a bit too much all at once. But maybe not. In any case I’m finding the TS is a really good practice aid.

  2. @Eric:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for asking. The results have been good. Right now my iron game is probably the most solid part of game. I’ve gained distance, accuracy and consistency.

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