One of the weakest areas of my game has been my driver.  I’ve always been very good with my irons.  A steep swing allows me to create crisp iron shots with a descending blow.  Unfortunately, this steep swing, really makes driving the ball difficult.  I tend to generate a lot of back spin which hurts my accuracy and length.  As a result I’ve been fitted into driver combinations that are meant to really reduce spin.

My recent fittings have shown my spin to be in roughly between 2800 on good swings, and 3200 on my poor swings.  My mission is to get this down to a paltry 2200.  A Bridgestone Ball Fitting made some recommendations based on my numbers:  105-107 Swing speed, launch 11.8.  It recommended 2200 rpm as my ideal backspin to optimize carry and total distance.  This means I need to reduce my backspin roughly 1000 rpm give or take a few.

First things first, I need to confirm my current spin rate. I’ve started to make some changes but I think it’s important to get an accurate assessment of where I stand.  I’m sure this won’t be an easy mission, but I think it will be one well worth the effort.