Mission Lower Driver Spin Off to a Rocky Start

The mission has begun…and it got off to a rocky start.  The day’s practice was off.  Ever felt like you’d never played golf before, it was sort of like that.  My irons were solid, my driver felt like a foreign implement in my hand.

It was frustrating, but I did get my initial launch monitor spin rates.  They ranged from 2400, to 4200, but most of them were right around 2800.  Like I said, it was a weird day of practice.

I was pretty frustrated so I did some more work in the evening and figured some things out.  It came down to some basics, posture, take away, and clearing the hips.  Correcting these 3 made a huge difference and let me get through the shots more efficiently.

Looking forward to taking these corrections out for a spin tomorrow.

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