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Seizo Mazer Brings New Golf App For iPhone Scoring Zone

Summary: Seizo Mazer, a well known golf blogger has introduced his new golf app – ‘Scoring Zone’ for iPhone. The critical differentiator for ‘Scoring Zone’ is its focus on proximity to the hole and accuracy for every shot in the scoring zone. Seizo has been helping people to play better golf through his blogs since the year 2009.


Aug 02, 2014: A new golf app, ‘Scoring Zone’ is ready for the golfers looking for ways to play better in the sport. The app has been launched by respected golf blogger, Seizo Mazer. He is already helping a number of golfers to play better golf via his golf blog ‘Journey to Scratch’ and the launch of the app is continuation of that mission.

When contacted, Seizo said, “I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my new app. This app provides insights into your game that traditional statistics miss. By focusing on the shots in the scoring zone, and the proximity to the hole in particular, a golfer will automatically start to approach those shots differently. This app will give you a new perspective on the scoring zone and key insights into your game. My blog has always had a focus on improvement and with the help of this app I am taking that mission one step forward.”

The new app tracks proximity to the hole and accuracy for approach shots to the green, short game shots around green and putting. It provides some stats that have been normally reserved for players at the highest levels.

‘Scoring Zone’ is compatible with iOS 7.1 or later for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, optimized for iPhone 5s.

Seizo’s focus on golf has helped players to become a better golfer. In his blogs, he has explored and written about every detail from the mental game to course tactics and strategy, to swing and training aids.

Get the app here.

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