Confidence and Clubs

Confidence in golf is a fickle thing. Unless you practice a lot it comes and goes with the ebb and flow of my game. Good play creates it while bad play can quickly break it down.

For the past few seasons there has been one club in particular that has not been so good for my confidence. The 3 Wood.

It’s been a search for find a 3 wood I can feel confident playing especially on the days when the driver is not being kind. In contrast to the lack of confidence in the 3 wood I have one club I’m very confident with. My trusty 18 degree hybrid. It’s an older model from about 4 or 5 years ago but man nothing can kick it out of the bag.

It took a while but I finally found one I can feel confident in, one that just feels right. I had some conditions on the search. It had to be at least 20 yards longer than my trusty hybrid, inspire confidence at address and have the right launch and feel.

So naturally I called up my friend and PGA teaching professional Keith Handler at Sterling Farms Golf Course for a fitting session.

He grabbed a number of clubs and we headed down to the range. I decided I would be brand agnostic and go with the best performing, best feeling and most confident inspiring club.

After hitting balls with all of them and even trying some more exotic variants like the mini driver SLDR, a winner rose to the top. Luckily the session didn’t just end there.

Keith recommended I take it out in the golf course next time I play to get a real feel for it.

Next day I took him up on his advice. I took the club out on the course and almost every place I would hit my trusty hybrid I hit this new 3 wood.

Over the course of the round I came to feel really confident with this club. It performed even better than I expected.

Go get fitted. It really makes a huge difference and having a professional with you in the process makes all the difference. So club did I finally choose?

Callaway XHot 2 Pro 13.5 degree with the stock shift. For me this thing performs like nothing else.

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