30 Day Challenge

New 30 Day Challenge: Wedges

Please join us in the brand new challenge starting 3/27/2010.  The goal for this challenge is to become a much better wedge player.  Here’s what this challenge will involve:


The objective when you go to the range will be to use your wedges/short irons for 80% of your practice.  For example, if you are at the range and get a bucket of 100 balls, pour the bucket out into the ball tray, and keep 20 in the bucket.  The other 80 will be your main practice for the session.

Pick out several targets from about 40 to 120 yards.  With each target you will try to hit it close using three different trajectories: 1) a high shot 2) a middle trajectory shot and 3) a low trajectory shot.  How you do this is up to you.  You can try hitting different trajectories with the same club, but make sure if you pick, for example, a target at 115 yards, that you can carry it 115 with all three trajectories.  Alternatively, you can switch clubs to achieve the desired trajectory.  Do not worry about roll out.  Your objective is to hit the target or right around it with these three trajectories.  Do this for all of your targets until you finish those balls.  After working on these shots, take the remaining 20 balls and use them for your long game.  A few for mid irons, woods, and driver.

During the 30 day challenge limit your long game practice to 20%.

Part II of the challenge

If you have access to a short game area, you will practice shots from 15 to 30 yards out.  Again you will try to hit your targets with the same 3 trajectories.  Try as many lies as possible: good lies in the fairway, tight lies, fluffy rough, ball down in the rough, ball in clumpy grass, ball above your feet, below your feet, and side hill lies.

Part III of the challenge: Get in the conversation

Go to the facebook page and share your experiences.  If everyone starts to share their experiences it can help everyone become a better player.  Talk about shots you tried, what happened, any difficulties, and of course your successes.


At the end of the next 30 days two challenged participants will receive prizes.  First place will receive a copy of Eben Dennis’ book “Power Feel Golf”, the DVD and the training grip and a 30 minute one on one call with Eben.  The second place winner will receive a copy of the book, DVD and the grip.  Participants will be chosen based on their comments on the facebook page, as well as their comments to blog posts about the challenge.

In order to be eligible for the prizes you need to post at least one  message per week to the facebook page and at least 1 comment per week to the blog in a “30 Day Challenge” post.  The best time to do this is after your practice session while it’s still fresh in your mind.

We look forward to hearing from you and let us know how the challenge goes for you.  We’re here to help.  Please post any questions to the facebook page.

About the 30 Day Challenge

How did the 30 day challenge come about?

I’ve been playing golf seriously for the last 3 years or so after being away from the game for about 15 years.  Once I got back into playing golf, I was hooked.  It was all I could think about doing, and I decided I wanted to be a good player.  I didn’t just want to hack it up on the course.  I wanted to shoot in the 7os or even 60s as a scratch golfer.  I started learning everything I could about the golf swing.  I got lots of videos and dvds, books and read every golf website I could find.  I also got a video camera with slow motion mode and proceeded to get heavily into video swing analysis.

My head was full of information, and although I was slowly making progress, I got overly analytical.

I went to see a pro I’m friends with and he said to me “You need to get off video”.  The 30 day challenge came out of that conversation and it has changed my game and outlook on life.  I think it can do the same for you.

What is the 30 day challenge?

For 30 days you choose to voluntarily give up doing any video swing analysis.  You also choose to not look at golf/swing tips from magazines, tv or the internet.

So what do you do?

You will learn how to simplify your game.  You will learn simple techniques that will transform the way you practice and play golf.  These techniques were learned from some of the games best players including Jimmy Demaret, Jackie Burke, Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer.

You will learn to feel the role of your hands.  You will learn how to see, feel and execute.  You will not have thousands of swing thoughts in your head.

You will join a community of other golfers who are going through this same challenge and changing their golf games.

Sign up on the form below. You will be mailed instructions for the challenge, how to participate, and more. We may even have a contest for those who successfully complete the challenge and show the most improvement.

It costs you nothing, and you’ve got nothing to lose.  In return you can get a golf game for life.  Are you ready for it?

What Golf Professionals are saying about the original 30 Day Challenge.

Rob LaRosa, Head Golf Professional, Sterling Farms Golf Course, Stamford, CT

“I think this challenge is for the player that is at a crossroads with their swing..the player knows it looks good but doesnt feel good.”

John Graham – http://www.johngrahamgolf.com/blog

“The 30 Day Challenge is an excellent way to get reacquainted with what the club and your swings feel like.  The club will tell you many things if you just take the time to ‘listen’.  The 30 Day Challenge reinforces the ‘feel’ part of the swing.”

Andy Morrison – Golf Mindset Specialist – http://www.progolfmindcoach.co.uk/

“Having flexibility in your practice structure is a fantastic way to heighten awareness, to really get a deeper connection with your swing. If you’re a player who relies heavily on video and lots of visual feedback, this is a fantastic way to explore your swing at a deeper level.  This 30 day challenge is a powerful strategy to follow and highly recommended if you’re serious about understanding your own swing…Enjoy.”

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